Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A case for white baby

After reading the title you may be wondering why on earth I'm writing about a white baby.  It's actually not about a human baby at all.
White Baby is the very much loved blanket that belongs to Jane.  She's had White Baby for forever, or at least her entire life.
Unfortunately, White Baby hasn't aged very gracefully.  She's a little threadbare, and that's putting it kindly.
Jane and her mother, Melissa, discussed the best way to keep White Baby close by while giving her some protection so that she might be around a little longer. They decided that White Baby needed a protective case similar to a pillow case with an opening so that Jane could put her hand in and feel White Baby when she needed her.
Melissa gave me some dimensions and a color scheme.  Here is White Baby's new home:
Jane was so pleased with the new case that she gave me this sweet thank you note embellished with a flower, a rainbow, and lots of sparkle.  I just love sparkle, don't you?
And here is a sweet photo that Melissa took of Jane sleeping with her hand on her precious White Baby who is safe and sound in the new case.
Don't you just love a happy ending?