Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Woven Headbands

These woven six-ribbon headbands are so much fun to make!  I enjoy ALMOST every step of the process.
Sometimes I know what colors I need, but most of the time I just have an idea...something with aqua, something that looks like autumn or spring, or something that will just go with a lot of girly colors.
I've also gotten color inspiration from a clothing store's current collection or a fabric print.  I saw the colors for the headband below on a friend's water bottle cooler and liked the lavender, lime, aqua, and navy together.
Whether I know the exact colors or not, I start the process the same way.  I have to drag out every.single.ribbon. that I own in 3/8" width.  I'll just say that a ribbon headband day is a messy day.
If I'm going to make a huge mess, I might as well make more than one headband.  I try all sorts of color combinations and shades of the same color.  I have at least twelve shades of pink ribbon and even more shades of green, so mixing and matching takes time.
The best part of all is watching the colors form a design during the weaving.
What color combinations would you like to see together?

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