Monday, March 25, 2013

More banners

I'm back to share more banners.
Lately it seems as if everyone wants the same thing. 
 For a week it's embroidered bows, 
then next week it's clutches. 

These photos are from the two weeks where
banners were the thing.

I LOVE the colors and patterns in these!
The first one was requested for boys, 
but green, yellow, and navy work for anyone. 

Since I had already ordered the fabric for the above banner when
the second request came in, I recommended the same palette.
The only difference in the two banners is the font style

The next photo is just real life. I have three dogs.
You've already met Daisy, the blue-tick coonhound. 
These are the Jack Russells.
One of them follows me all over the house.  
When I'm upstairs working, she crashes on the sofa in my sewing room.
When I'm at the computer, she crashes on the dog bed nearby.
The other dog likes to park himself on the pillows on my bed.

In order to take these photos, I move
all of the pillows on my bed away from the
headboard and hang the banners.
So in the middle of photographing
I happen to really notice the view below the banner.

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