Thursday, February 14, 2013

A-Line Redo

This is Anna Lauren.
Isn't she a cutie?
I thought that I'd share what we did with her dress
to change up the look.
When it was purchased it had a large
removable Christmas applique on it.
It's fun to have a special holiday dress, but once the holiday is over
 the dress has an out-of-date feel to it.  
Kind of like a house with the Christmas lights still on it in July.
Except that it's February.  
And we're talking about girls and dresses 
rather than lights and houses.
But hopefully you get what I'm trying to say-
Christmas appliques after Christmas just don't work!

I wanted to embroider her monogram on the dress, 
but Anna Lauren's mom plans to pass the dress on 
once she outgrows it.
Here's PLAN B:
A removable applique with her monogram!

With a red dress there are so many possibilities-
removable appliques in a Christmas theme, a Valentine's
theme, and a 4th of July theme.
Even a back to school theme.
Or just a simple monogram or an owl,
cupcake, or whatever else the child likes.

Since this particular dress is probably not going to fit next year,
we went with just two, the monogram on a red gingham
and a heart applique in pink and red for
Valentine's Day.
I love the idea of changing the look of one dress this way.
It's a great way to personalize for a child and then pass on to a younger sibling.
I have been known to pull out monogram stitches, 
but I prefer this method.

While this particular dress was purchased, I do have a pattern for
an A-line dress.  Actually I have several dress patterns that
would be adorable with the button appliques.

Please message me if you would like your own
 dress redo or custom dress.

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