Friday, January 4, 2013

My most difficult customer

I'm sure that I'm about to break a business blogging rule.
I'm going to vent about my most difficult customer.

I have some wonderful clients that I get to make 
all sorts of pretty things for, and this brings me a lot of

But THIS customer.
Oh, let me tell you.

She's very loud.
She is so demanding.
And she is incredibly smelly.
It's true.

Her name is Daisy, 
and she is my son's blue tick coonhound.

Daisy is why I got started making dog collars
and leashes.
Here she is modeling the very first collar that I made.
See how nice and bright that lovely red is?
Well, Daisy likes to chase things into the marsh behind 
my house on a regular basis.
That red was a marshy, smelly brown in just days.
No problem. I just threw it in the washer.
Over and over I washed it,
until the red was nice and faded.

No problem.  I made her another nice bright color.
Actually, she had two like this so that 
one could be in the wash and one could be worn.
Daisy recently wore these out as well.

I have two other dogs who are still wearing their  
original collars, and they look brand new.
Daisy was making my product look bad!

I decided that I was going to have to find something a
 little more durable for the old girl.

Here she is in her newest collar. 
The fabric is laminated and has a nice sheen to it.
I'm hoping that it wears well for Daisy,
the most difficult of customers.

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