Thursday, January 10, 2013

Better than paper dolls?

A long, long time ago when I was a little girl
I played with paper dolls.
Perhaps you have fond memories of 
playing with paper dolls yourself or even memories of
making them.  
The hardest part of paper dolls was cutting them out.
I liked the kind with the little perforated lines around 
them so that I didn't have to hunt for scissors.
For some reason, scissors were always hard to find
in our home when I was young.

These dolls aren't made of paper; they made of felt.
They're not as little as my old paper dolls were either.
They're about seven inches tall and five inches wide,
a good sturdy size.

I like that they have girlish rather than more womanly figures.
But we all know that the fun part of paper dolls
was always about the accessories.
I had a lot of fun making their clothing.
Who knew that someone as old as I am
could make such a mess going through my special 
scrap box and looking for just the right fabrics?

These would make great birthday gifts
for a little girl. And, of course, we can
match hair and eye colors to the recipient.

I've always loved this navy print for bags and such.
But look how cute it is with the coordinating wool
felt and the little shoes with flowers!

I have other dolls and outfits,
but I ran out of day to get a photo in good lighting.

Email me if you'd like a set.