Monday, January 14, 2013

More on felt dolls

 Since I've had questions about the felt dolls, 
I thought I'd share more details.

I've been asked about the size of the dolls.
As I stated in my last post, each doll
is about five inches wide by seven inches tall.
Here is a photo of one in my hand so that 
you can "see" the size.  I like that
they're not too small for little hands.

Another question that has been asked is how the clothing 
goes on and stays on.
I think that originally the design was intended for regular
felt and that the clothing would just stick on because 
of the fuzziness of the felt.

I made these dolls from wool felt,
and have added Velcro to the dolls and the clothing
so that a small child will have no trouble 
pressing on clothing to the doll.
I'm going to be keeping some of the dolls and outfilts
to entertain any little girls who come to visit my home.
Somehow there are plenty of things around here
for little boys, but not much for girls.  

If you have any questions or are local and want to
see the dolls, please email or message me on Facebook.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Better than paper dolls?

A long, long time ago when I was a little girl
I played with paper dolls.
Perhaps you have fond memories of 
playing with paper dolls yourself or even memories of
making them.  
The hardest part of paper dolls was cutting them out.
I liked the kind with the little perforated lines around 
them so that I didn't have to hunt for scissors.
For some reason, scissors were always hard to find
in our home when I was young.

These dolls aren't made of paper; they made of felt.
They're not as little as my old paper dolls were either.
They're about seven inches tall and five inches wide,
a good sturdy size.

I like that they have girlish rather than more womanly figures.
But we all know that the fun part of paper dolls
was always about the accessories.
I had a lot of fun making their clothing.
Who knew that someone as old as I am
could make such a mess going through my special 
scrap box and looking for just the right fabrics?

These would make great birthday gifts
for a little girl. And, of course, we can
match hair and eye colors to the recipient.

I've always loved this navy print for bags and such.
But look how cute it is with the coordinating wool
felt and the little shoes with flowers!

I have other dolls and outfits,
but I ran out of day to get a photo in good lighting.

Email me if you'd like a set.

Friday, January 4, 2013

My most difficult customer

I'm sure that I'm about to break a business blogging rule.
I'm going to vent about my most difficult customer.

I have some wonderful clients that I get to make 
all sorts of pretty things for, and this brings me a lot of

But THIS customer.
Oh, let me tell you.

She's very loud.
She is so demanding.
And she is incredibly smelly.
It's true.

Her name is Daisy, 
and she is my son's blue tick coonhound.

Daisy is why I got started making dog collars
and leashes.
Here she is modeling the very first collar that I made.
See how nice and bright that lovely red is?
Well, Daisy likes to chase things into the marsh behind 
my house on a regular basis.
That red was a marshy, smelly brown in just days.
No problem. I just threw it in the washer.
Over and over I washed it,
until the red was nice and faded.

No problem.  I made her another nice bright color.
Actually, she had two like this so that 
one could be in the wash and one could be worn.
Daisy recently wore these out as well.

I have two other dogs who are still wearing their  
original collars, and they look brand new.
Daisy was making my product look bad!

I decided that I was going to have to find something a
 little more durable for the old girl.

Here she is in her newest collar. 
The fabric is laminated and has a nice sheen to it.
I'm hoping that it wears well for Daisy,
the most difficult of customers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Diaper clutch set

I got a message from a man who wanted to get his 
wife a diaper clutch and changing pad for Christmas.
Since the gender of their baby was going to be a surprise,
he wanted to get two bags, one in girl colors and one in boy colors.

I encouraged him to get just one in a neutral color and suggested
this lovely gray fabric.
I have always loved this print.
It's feminine and goes with so much.
 I chose yellow for the lining and the changing pad.