Thursday, December 13, 2012

Key fobs

It seems like half of forever since I posted new key fob photos.
Pink and green...preppy!

More dotty fun.

Green and pink and same name, but different recipient.
I guess people named Shannon like pink and green?

So very autumn.  Except for the name-
that seems like Christmas.

For a Florida Gators fan.

Monday, December 3, 2012


A long, long time ago, Mother's Day to be exact, 
I received a toy that I didn't expect to use very often.
I wanted one for travel, but doubted I'd
have much use for it other than that.
The toy was a Kindle Fire.

I carried it in its original box while I figured out what type of protective cover I wanted for it.
My family made fun of me for toting it all over the place in its box,
 but I am a 
Dropper of Expensive Electronic Devices 
and knew better!

I finally decided to make the cover myself since I wanted a nice loud print
that would be easy to find in a travel bag or in the middle of my cluttered desk.

Please excuse the pen marks and coffee stains.  
I use this just about every day, and it shows!

Here it is opened.  Yes, more coffee stains.
Yes, two different fabrics.

 One of the features that I thought I'd use a lot was the stand.  
For some reason I only use it like this on a table when I'm
sewing and reading an E-pattern.  
Well, there was that time I used it at the MUSC cafeteria
while eating by myself, but really, 
it's not something I use as often as I expected.

This is how I use it. 
I haven't taken my Kindle Fire out of its case
since I can charge it or use headphones without removing it.  
And that's a good thing because I AM a 
Dropper of Expensive Electronic Devices!