Friday, November 9, 2012


Today I'm very thankful for limitations.
Yeah, you heard me.  Limits.  Boundaries.  Weakness.

I wasn't always thankful for this.
In fact, every time I come up a against a limitation it's my tendency 
to want to push against it, to be discontent.

But I've learned a few things.
Budgetary limitations give me the opportunity to be creative
all over the place- in my kitchen, in my closet, with my children's education.

Physical limitations force me to be grateful for every breath that I take.
Yes, I'd like to run with no knee pain, but I can walk.
I may wake up and need to stretch before hopping out of bed, 
but I'm awake and alive.

Time limitations give me the opportunity to make the most of my days.
An hour frittered away can never be gained again.

Human limitations....oh my!....the things I've learned.
God's grace is indeed sufficient for every human weakness:
insecurity, weariness, fear, lack of willpower,
no self-control, even my tongue!

Yes, I have learned to rejoice and give thanks for the limitations in my life.

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