Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Today I'm thankful for Becca.
Her official name is Rebecca, but she has always been Becca.

Becca is in the middle, the friend of everyone.
She was the child who dressed for comfort.
She was the early riser.
She sang before she talked, 
and sang,
and sang, 
and sang when she was little.

Becca wasn't content to sleep with one baby or stuffed animal, 
if there were thrty-nine loved ones in her bed, it was a light night.
All of her babies had unusual names-Special baby, Tiny baby, Christmas baby.

Becca was never one to rush into something.
She got a bicycle with training wheels when she turned four, but wouldn't ride it.
When I asked her why she wouldn't ride her bike she told me that she wasn't ready.
She said she'd be ready when she was five.
It was the same with getting her driver's license.

I learned to pray hard as teenage Becca's mama.  I was concerned about her heart.  
I learned to love her where she was.  
I learned how to keep my mouth shut.  Most of the time.
I spent lots of time in the gospels, learning how Jesus loved.

It took a little time, but I watched God romance Becca's heart.
I watched Him wow her with how personally He loved her.

Becca has such joy!
She loves to serve, especially with little children.

This past September Becca married her best friend, Thomas.
In the video below, you can see her joy.


I'm so thankful to see what God has done in Becca's life.
I love you, Becca!

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