Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm thankful today for Lindsay, my firstborn.

Lindsay. My girly girl.
The child who loved to wear only dresses.
The child who hated to go to bed when she was younger.
The one most like her mother in personality (so sorry, Linds!).
The one who loved words and books almost from birth.
The one who would never dream of talking to strangers.

She's still a girly girl.
Lindsay is still the one who likes to stay up until way in the night or early morning talking.
I love to read what she writes.  
I love to hear what God is doing in her life.

When I'm shopping my closet and looking for something to wear, 
Lindsay is the one whose opinion I most value.
She'll tell me the truth even when I don't want to hear it, 
and not just about my wardrobe!

Lindsay's high school years were full and fun.
We could count on her to plan a birthday party for a friend,
or a movie night, or decorate for whatever holiday or event was next.
Lindsay LOVES the different seasons, especially autumn. 

I've always known that Lindsay wouldn't live close to home.
One of the hardest things ever was to leave her in Washington state with no vehicle.
That was the same month that the economy tanked, 
and there was no suddenly no money to send her to help with tuition and living expenses.
No money for fun little care packages like I'd always planned.
But I watched the Lord teach her that He would be her provider.
He taught her to lean on Him rather than on her parents.

Sometimes Lindsay has made declarations of what she will and won't do.
Then I've watched the Lord surprise her by making it clear that He has very different plans for her.

I love you, Lindsay, and am so proud of the woman you've become!

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Down By the Bays said...

Aw, thanks Mom!

- I wish I could still wear only dresses.
- I still hate going to bed.
- The few care packages you sent were wonderful.
- I have been told several times recently that I am "very friendly" and I felt so deceptive.
- Aaaaand "never say never" really should have been my motto all along :)