Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am thankful for fabric, thread, needles, scissors, 
and anything that has to do with sewing.
And ribbon. 
And embroidery.
And a whole room for all of my sewing junk.

I learned to sew when my first child was small.
Because of my husband's long work hours, 
I had plenty of time to make things after the 
children were tucked in bed.
I remember the fun of my daughters awakening in the morning 
to see what progress had been made on the latest creation 
since it usually involved something for them to wear.

I find the whole process of sewing to be very relaxing.
Even deciphering the sewing instructions can be fun- 
almost like working a puzzle.

When I don't have any time to sew, I daydream
about different projects I want to do.
It's happened many a time that I'll be thinking through a project
in my head as I fall asleep, and I end up dreaming about it.

The time spent cutting, stitching, and ironing is perfect
for praying through different situations and for different people.
It seems like the Lord constantly puts people on my mind 
to pray for while my hands are busy.

Even when I have a lot of Carolina Ribbons orders,
or a full schedule that prevents me from sewing, 
I yearn to have a little girl to sew for.
That is my very favorite- making little girl clothing.

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