Monday, November 26, 2012


As I was tidying up this morning and giving thanks with a grateful heart,
I kept running into little modern conveniences for which I'm thankful.
So today is part two of modern conveniences.

I'm thankful for toothpaste.
And toothbrushes.
By the way, am I the only weird person who wonders how
effective whatever people used to freshen their breath
was during the time of Jesus' earthly life?
I guess some ponder deep things while I'm down here pondering the practical.

I'm thankful for makeup.
And those who see me probably are too.

I'm thankful for gloves and socks.
And fleece pants, I certainly can't forget those!

I'm thankful for pocket Bibles,
and Bible apps for my phone, Ipod and Kindle.

I'm thankful for apps from Grace To You and Desiring God.

I'm thankful for text messaging.
Did I already say that on another day?
Well, I'm thankful right now, so it's okay.

I'm thankful for email.
I realize that some aren't into electronic mail, but I like the thought of sending
something at my convenience that the recipient can read at their convenience.

I'm thankful for Pandora.

I'm thankful for slipcovers on furniture.
Every time I wash them I'm thankful all over again.

I'm thankful for GPS.
The one in my car is named Mindy, and she can be spiteful.
But I'm still thankful for her.

I'm thankful for the dump. Really.
I believe it has a more politically correct name like landfill or something,
but life would sure be messier and smellier around here without the dump.

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