Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I'm thankful for modern conveniences.

I was talking to a friend whose husband is currently in Afghanistan.
She and her child are in constant communication with him thanks to
cell phones and computers.
I was reminded of when my dad was stationed overseas,
and the only communication we had was via the US postal service.

Technology benefits my life in so many ways.

Thanks to cell phones and Skype, communication with loved ones
far away is easy and inexpensive.

This morning I drove to church in a reliable car with heat 
and even a seat-heater.

I know that electricity has been around for a long time (to me), 
but I'm super grateful for it. 

And where would I be without Google to answer my grammar questions,
find places on a map, help me find a great recipe using ingredients that I have on hand,
and help me find who has free shipping on a part for my sewing machine and can get it to me asap?

And let's not forget about disposable hygiene products.
I am a huge fan of disposable diapers and other unnamed items.
Don't bother to leave a message about my stewardship to the planet over this;
I'm grateful, and you're not gonna take that away from me.

Other things I'm grateful for:
coffee-makers with timers,
indoor plumbing,
modern transportation.
modern medicine....
and the list goes on.

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