Saturday, November 24, 2012


Most mornings, when I wake up I see the marsh.
Even before dawn I can tell if it's high tide by the light of the moon against the water.
Today I'm thankful for my hometown, Beaufort.

I still remember when, as a nine year old living in San Diego, California, 
my dad telling our family that he had orders for a base in Beaufort, SC.
We had to pull out a map to find it.  
Not many Marine Corps families stay in one place as long as my dad was stationed here.
 I consider it a blessing to have grown up here.

It took a while to appreciate the smell of pluff mud, the humidity,
and I'm sure I'll never get used to the sand gnats.

But the beauty of this place!
Anytime I visit another town I can't help but compare it to Beaufort's views.
Some people jokingly call it the "slowcounty" instead of the lowcountry
because of the pace of this small town.
I love the slow pace.
I love that it doesn't look like any other town.
If I go somewhere there's a chance I'll to run into someone I knew thirty years ago.

Whenever I drive over one of the many bridges in town and see the water
and the marsh grass, my heart cannot help but be filled 
with worship to the One who created such beauty.

This is a photo of my son and his dog kayaking in the back yard.

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