Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm thankful for the new guys in my life,
my sons-in-law.

Ew.  Son-in-law, what an awful term.
I've heard son-in-love used as an alternative, 
but I'll just stick with the original.
At this moment I'm tempted to Google the term and find out why it was named such and by whom.
But I've only allowed myself a short amount of time to post, 
so I'll turn my attention back to the guys and leave the term behind.

Carson joined our family when he married Lindsay in 2010.
He's from the other side of the USA, so we have work to do in converting him to sweet tea,
shrimp, grits, and humidity.
But if he never converts, we love him as he is. 
He's committed to our Lindsay.
Right after their wedding I found a list Lindsay made while in high school 
of what her future husband should be.
It's amazing how Carson fits so many of those traits.
It's almost like God had something to do with it.

Thomas joined our family this past September.
Even though they've been married a short time, Thomas has
been around much longer.
He and Becca grew up going to the same church together, 
competed against one another in spelling bees, 
went on the same homeschool field trips
(I have photos, and they're awful!)
and were band friends in high school,
then best friends,
then...well, you know what happens next.
He shares Becca's love of music.
He's committed to our Becca.
We love his faithfulness and steadiness.  

It's a wonderful thing to know that your daughter has married someone 
you can trust to take care of her.
Someone who will put her needs first.
Someone who sees his role as her head and accountable to God in how he leads.
My husband and I took seriously the giving our daughters' care to these men.  
Not just anyone would do.

Thank you, Lord, for these wonderful men!


becca said...


(you forgot to mention who kicked whose butt in the spelling bee)

Down By the Bays said...

Aw, Mom! They're pretty great.

Glad you love Carson as-is, because I'm certain that no one can convert him to seafood.

Charlotte Cushman said...

Love the son-in-laws... and the daughters are pretty awesome too:)