Friday, November 16, 2012


Today I'm thankful for women in my life.

First would be my mother.
God bless her, I was not an easy child!  
I was stubborn, rebellious, disrespectful.
Ew!  I know that I wouldn't want to parent such a child.
For some reason, she still loves me. 
I'm most grateful for her years of praying for me.
It's amazing what God will do in answer to a mother's prayers, 
this I know firsthand!

Then there's my grandmother, who is now at home in the Lord.
If only I could measure up to what she thought of me.
She was a Barnabas in my life, so encouraging.
Grandma was also another pray-er.
I'll never forget how grieved she would be at the choices made by those she loved;
her heart was that all of her offspring would live sold-out, obedient lives for Christ.

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