Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today I'm thankful for all of my servants.
I mean really.  
They do so much of my work for me, freeing me up to do fun things like a month of thankful posts.

My favorite servants have to be Samsung W, Samsung D, Oreck and Janome.
Samsung W and D are the newest servants; they live in my laundry room.
I cannot imagine life without them especially ol' W.  
Just the thought of having to do her job by hand makes me shudder!

Oreck has been around for nine years.
Since I have three shedding dogs and a Scott, 
she gets quite the workout around here.
I have brick floors throughout most of the first floor, 
so periodically she needs new parts from all of the wear and tear. 
Yes, working for me is very difficult; I am quite the taskmaster!
The reason I chose Oreck over others is because she gets
an annual tune-up for twenty-one years.

Good, old Janome has been around the longest.  
She lives in my sewing room and has been faithful in her duties.
Lately she's been showing her age, so I have to operate on her occasionally.
Not too long ago I threatened to threw her out of the window, 
which is a great height since she lives on the second floor-
 really three floors up because my house is off the ground.
She started to behave again, so she's still around.

While these are my favorites, there are many, many other servants-
too many to name each one.
There's Conair, Frigidaire, Honda, and, GE.
Actually there are several GE's, and they all do their work in the kitchen.

Oh, and I can't forget sweet Cuisinart!
She's not the fanciest, but she faithfully makes my coffee every morning.

Yes, indeed.
I'm very blessed to have so many girls to make my life a life of ease!