Monday, November 12, 2012


Every morning I get up and drink a liter of water first thing.
I don't put much thought into it;
I just turn on the turn on the faucet and fill up my jug.
Every day I bathe, flush the toilet, and turn on my faucet with thinking.
Today I'm thankful for running water. 

As an American who has always had clean water in every home that I've lived
 in, it's easy for me to take this basic thing for granted.

Our current home is the first house that I've lived in that uses a well.  
Every month when I pay bills I'm thankful that I don't have to pay for my water.
But if the electricity goes out, we have no running water.
And sometimes a cheap plastic part breaks
(according to my MacGyver-like son), and we have no running water.

Several times this past week I awoke to no water in the faucet.
The solution is always to go out to the pump and smack it.
I really have no idea why this works,
I just do what my MacGyver-like husband told me to do when the water doesn't work.

This morning my husband was the first up and had to deal with no water.  
Apparently the smack didn't work because he took the thing apart and 
discovered that said cheap plastic part was broken.
An early morning trip to the hardware store produced a new cheap plastic part, 
and soon we had running water again.

After getting this far in my story, I can't help but also be thankful
that both my husband and son can fix just about anything.
My MacGyver guys should really be a separate post 
because I'm daily thankful for their resourcefulness, 
but I reckon it can't hurt to be thankful for the same thing more than once.

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