Monday, November 28, 2011

Such a doll!

Do you know who this is?  
This is Felicity.  She's an American Girl.  
I thought she needed to update her look, so here she is sporting some gingham.  
Felicity was given to my daughter when she was really young, say five or six.  
Felicity got so much love that she started having really bad hair days.
Did you know that American Girl can replace hair when their dolls start having really bad hair days?
Thankfully the loving grandmother who gave Felicity to my daughter sprang for the hair transplant.
Because of said hair transplant I was a little nervous about handling Felicity, 
but, as I said, she needed a new look!

My friend, Sandy Hillis, made the doll clothes, 
and I made the coordinating headbands. 
Sandy sells the dress and pinafore sets for $20. 

 Here's Felicity all ready for the fall.  

 Here are a few more dolly and me headband sets. 
These make great gifts!
  The one above shows a one-inch headband and sells for $9 a set.

This one shows a half-inch headband and sells for $8 a set.

Several of these sets are still available,
 but I am always happy to make a set in whatever colors you need.

 If you have a child who is too young for American Girl 
or you really don't feel like forking
 out a hundred bucks for a doll who will one day have bad hair days,
  Target sells 18 inch dolls that can wear clothing made for American Girl dolls.  
So does ToysRUs and Vision Forum and probably many others. 

I'm off to make more dolly and me sets that have been ordered for Christmas. 
Please contact me if you're interested in clothing from Sandy 
or headbands from me.