Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going to the dogs

 Can you believe there are only a few days left in 2010??
December was very busy with lots of custom orders for Christmas.

I looked up and it was Christmas week-
time for focusing on my Savior's birth, family, food, and carols.

Today I worked on a project that had been on my list for 
a few months-dog collars!
Three dogs live in my house.  
One of them is a roamer who needs better identification. 
The other two really don't leave the yard and don't even wear collars. 
Well, they do now.
I made three sizes: extra small, small, and medium.

The extra small dog, Mini, was not cooperating 
with the photo session.  Mini routinely does not cooperate.

I kept trying to move her, but she kept getting in the way.

I shouldn't be surprised since she pretty much 
follows me everywhere I go.  I like to joke that she lives for me. 

This is our blue tick hound.  Can you guess her name?
She is the head of homeland security in these parts.
She takes her job seriously and will spend
 hours keeping the critters away.
Since she roams, I added our phone number 
to the inside of her collar.

The collars are machine washable- 
a great feature if you have a smelly dog or three.