Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Market totes

It's been awhile.
I've been busy with all sorts of projects, 
some near home and some far away.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is 
 I have so much for which I am truly thankful.
God has been so good to me and my family this year 
just as He has been in years past!

Are you a Black Friday shopper?
While I would like to take advantage of the good deals,
I prefer to spend the day after Thanksgiving in a more leisurely manner.
I'm more of a sleep-in-and-hang-out-with-family-kind-of-day-after-Thanksgiving person.

If you need gift ideas, I'll be posting some things make great gifts in the next week.
Today's idea is my newest item,  the market tote.
Just to make sure that it would work, I decided to take one for a test drive  :)
When I head into town I try to make the most of each trip.
This means that I typically load up my car with all sorts of errand running supplies.
The market tote is so handy for errand day.  
Since I wanted to get the full effect in my test drive, I monogrammed my tote.
I know, I know... how I suffer for my customers!

The market totes come in two sizes.  Can you find mine?
Here's a nice little benefit-
when not in use, they collapse for easy storage.
Mine will always be in use, but it's still a nifty concept.

Here's what they look like all stacked inside of one. 
I could have easily fit three more but didn't want to run back into the house just to prove it. 
I have lots of colors available, so just ask if you're looking for a specific color.
The mini totes are $21 and the larger totes are $28.

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Hi Michele, I want to purchase one of these. Let me know how I do this: Thanks!