Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good help is hard to find

I mentioned the fact that I was doing a craft fair not long ago.  I wavered on committing to it for so long that I'm pretty sure I drove my family crazy.  One day I was in, the next day I was out.  About a week before the actual date, I decided to do it.  My daughter, Becca, helped me scour local thrift stores for display items, provided her opinion on colors, held my hand and told me I could do this, shuttled her brother to his different activities, and kept the house going so that I could play upstairs with my ribbons, flowers and embroidery machine.

On the morning of the craft fair, Becca and my son, Scott, volunteered to get out of their warm beds to help me set up.  Scott set up the tent, carried all of the heavy things, secured anything that needed securing, and did all sorts of other essential things for me.  For the record, I would never have thought to secure most of that stuff; it would have occurred to me right after the wind blew it down.

Here he is surveying his work.  

Becca helped me decide where to put everything so that it looked good and then documented the whole thing.  Here's her account of it.  I'll have to talk her into being my official photographer!  For the record, she asked to have the hair flower.  It's an honor to have her wear something that I made. 

Since she was behind the camera, 
here she is with the rest of us at the state fair the night before the craft fair:

I'm pretty sure that you won't be seeing Carolina Ribbons at all the local craft fairs.  It's too large scale for my life right now.  I love working with my hands and sharing that with people on a smaller scale where it doesn't take away from time with my family and my ministry in my local church.

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