Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bag tags

 I've shared the bag tags here and here, but these are great little gifts for Christmas.
They can be used on diaper bags, luggage, and school backpacks.

One way to use them at Christmas time is as
 a gift card holder!

Or how about as a gift tag?  
One side could be monogrammed
with the recipient's name with a note from the thoughtful giver 
 slipped into the clear vinyl side.
I have some tags listed in my Etsy store.
Please email me if you want a custom color 
(something Christmas-y perhaps) or a personalized tag .
Regular tags are $8 and personalized tags are $12.

1 comment:

octoberkan said...

I'll be ordering a few of these when I get home. I obviously need them since I picked up the wrong luggage at the airport here, thinking it was mine! Thankfully we switched out everything the next day. I miss seeing you areound also!! :)