Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wild Thing

 After we moved into our home my husband and I decided to convert a closet under the stairs into a powder room.  The person who helped me with paint colors suggested that I make this super tiny room really special for impact.  My idea of special was to pick out a super busy damask wallpaper in black and white.  I figured that since black and white are both neutral I could add color with hand towels.  Well, until today the hand towels have stayed boring white.  About a week ago I noticed that they weren't only boring and white, but also dingy. 

I hit the clearance section of my favorite store for linens, TJ Maxx.  Since there's only one towel hanger, I don't have to worry about matching; I can just find single colors I like and change them out.  For some reason on the day I was in TJ Maxx, the only color on clearance that I liked was black.  Ever since I did the applique frame onesie, I've been looking for another opportunity to use the design again.   Here's the bathroom.  

Here's another photo.

 Here's a closeup.

The little powder room hasn't looked this good since it was graced by my daughter!

I'm still stalking the clearance section for other colors like jade green and tomato red, but this will do for now. 

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Melissa said...

I love your little power room! I feel cozy in there...really!!!