Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatcha call it....

I've heard pacifiers called paci's, binkies, soothers, and nuks. Whatever you call them, they sure are handy to have around. If your child has one (or five) you know that they have a tendency to not be where you need them when you want them. I so wish I had a paci clip (or five) when my kids were little! These little critters clip to your child's shirt so that the paci is never far from the mouth.

I wanted to "share" some that I recently made. My monogrammed paci clips are $8 each. Regular clips are $3 each.

1 comment:

The Miley Family said...

OK- love these!
and the burp cloths, too!
we call them "Pacis" :)
i will be ordering some of these from you...SOON!