Thursday, January 21, 2010

A great aunt

When my children were little they had a great babysitter, Chandra. I liked to have Chandra come over when I had to be gone all day because she was so fun. I would come home to watch a show that they spent all day planning. They would make costumes and everything. But Chandra wouldn't put up with any disobedience. She was fun and she was tough.

Chandra is now an aunt to lots of nieces and nephews. Her newest niece was born just a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate this new one's birth, Chandra asked me to make matching outfits for the siblings with coordinating bows. I decided to do simple A-line dresses that can be worn with a shirt underneath for winter and without in the summer. Instead of lining the dresses, we decided to make them reversible thus getting two dresses in one. For the little guy there is a matching tie.

Here's a close up of the matching bows. We decided to make some that were specific to the dresses and some that can be worn with other outfits.


Summer said...

Love it:) Too cute!!!

char said...

Loving these:) You are going to have to make the boys Easter ties... didn't know we could do that:) char