Saturday, December 5, 2009

Made for klutzes like me!

I was so excited when the nice UPS man delivered these insulated tumblers. After doing my chores I grabbed the box and went upstairs to play with them. Somehow I managed to drop one. I shuddered as it hit every stair step on its way down to the brick floor at the bottom of the stairs. I was quite surprised to discover that it was still in one piece. I hadn't planned on keeping a mug for myself, but that sucker just fell down a whole flight of stairs and might somehow be defective. So now I am the proud owner of the stainless steel mug on the left. I use it all the time too!

The stainless steel tumbler holds 12 ounces and the other one holds 16 ounces. Both are great for either hot or cold. At first I was disappointed that I didn't drop the 16 ounce one, but 12 ounces really is plenty. I have lots of fabric that can be embroidered for the insert. If you want one I promise not to drop it!
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thehomespunheart said...

Hi Michele - these are so cute! How much are they?

Michele said...

The stainless steel cups are $15. The 16 oz. cups are $10.

The Miley Family said...

you are SO funny! these are really cute. and you are right...12oz. really is enough!