Tuesday, December 29, 2009


These headbands are a very popular item these days. These particular headbands were a Christmas gift from a grandmother to her grandaughters. I chose the same font for all of them, but the font, the ribbon color, and the thread color can all be changed to suit you.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas bows

I've been very busy this month making lots of Christmas bows. My embroidery machine ran non-stop for most of last week making custom headbands, key fobs, mugs, and badge reels. I'll post photos of some of these later since they are gifts...wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Made for klutzes like me!

I was so excited when the nice UPS man delivered these insulated tumblers. After doing my chores I grabbed the box and went upstairs to play with them. Somehow I managed to drop one. I shuddered as it hit every stair step on its way down to the brick floor at the bottom of the stairs. I was quite surprised to discover that it was still in one piece. I hadn't planned on keeping a mug for myself, but that sucker just fell down a whole flight of stairs and might somehow be defective. So now I am the proud owner of the stainless steel mug on the left. I use it all the time too!

The stainless steel tumbler holds 12 ounces and the other one holds 16 ounces. Both are great for either hot or cold. At first I was disappointed that I didn't drop the 16 ounce one, but 12 ounces really is plenty. I have lots of fabric that can be embroidered for the insert. If you want one I promise not to drop it!
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