Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My current favorite

Since I'm not so great at posting maybe you're wondering what exactly I'm doing. Well, I do have a husband and three kids, the eldest leaves tomorrow to go back to college, and I homeschool the other two.

My family is my first priority. Then comes ministry opportunities. Oh, and let's not forget laundry! Because my children are older, I do have plenty of time to keep my hands busy and be creative. My very favorite thing to make right now is woven headbands. I can park myself in my favorite chair, chat with my sweet people, and weave away. I managed to weave several the other night at the airport while waiting for a flight to arrive.

I love the brown ones. The one on the far left is modeling a brown bow that is separate. A bow can slide in any of the headbands to change up the look.

Here are the reds. These will be nice for Valentine's Day, but really work any time of the year. Recently my 17 year old daughter and I were looking at old photos. I noticed that in most of the pictures, she was wearing a red bow.

The headbands on the top are only 1/4 of an inch wide. The ones on the bottom are one inch at their widest point.

Lots of pinks and greens here. There are three different shades of each color in this group.

These color combinations came about after a trip to the mall. I first noticed them in Gymboree, but they seem to be everywhere. In this photo the dark navy looks black....I guess I should work on my photography skills!

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Lisar said...

Hey Michelle.....LOVE these headbands...they look so hard to do. AND your key fobs..would love to buy do you feel about posting to Australia....I'll pay for the postage of course. Perhaps give me an idea of the postal charges as they are usually what stop me from buying stuff from Overseas. Thanks..Lisa