Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you blue?

I like blue. A lot. It's in virtually every room in my house and is taking over my closet as well. Here's an assortment of blue for the little ladies.

The baby clip in the left is $1. For a girl with more hair is a bow that I've mounted on a ponytail holder. It also comes mounted on a french clip or an alligator clip. $3.

I love these colors. The little clip on the left is $3. Its big sister on the right is $6.

This is tiny. Mounted on an alligator clip, it measures just a little over two inches wide. Fun for little girls with not a lot of hair. It also comes in brown, lime, red, and white. More colors to come soon. $3.

The basic bow. I have lots of colors available. The secret to keeping this fresh looking is a light starch. No flat bows here. The basic measures 5"x 3". $4.

More korkers. These are so fun because the color combinations are just endless. $5.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello World!

So here it is, my very first post. Suddenly I'm shy and not sure what to say.

I guess I'll start with why I'm here. I have always loved busy hands. I like to be doing something....crafting, sewing, making stuff.

When my girls were little I made all their hair accessories. I would have purchased them, but alas, I am cheap. And I live in a small town where hair pretties cannot be found.

Now my girls are much older. Too old to wear big bows on the top of their pretty little heads. But I still like to create them, so after some prayer about where this should go, I decided to make them for the people who live in this small town where they cannot be found.

Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, I thought I'd share some of the Christmas goodies that I've made. Enjoy!

Woven hairbands! The one on the far left is sporting a separate hair bow can slide in the ribbon. The one inch width is available for $7 and the half inch sells for $5.

Christmas korkers- a sassy little hair pretty. These are attached to ponytail holders, but can be mounted on french barrette or alligator clip as well. Korkers are $5 each.

Here are the holiday bows. These range from $2 to $8. I just love the reindeer ribbon. I used up every bit I had, but more is on the way!

If any of these catch your fancy, please email me.